Daughter of Water- Poem

It feels a bit unreal to have poetry of mine published. It hasn’t happened often, but it’s happened often enough that I feel like I sometimes know what I’m doing. I recently received a copy in the mail of Bards Annual 2022, a Long Island Poetry Anthology featuring my recently published poem, Daughter of Water. I’m excited to dive into this anthology and read more by the other poets featured. But I also wanted to take a moment to share my piece here. This piece is part of a series that I wrote about elemental beings. Water is the element I feel most connected to, with Earth being a close second. I hope to get the other three pieces properly edited so I can share those with the world too.

Daughter of Water

Rolling across the backs

          of seals

     she lays her foamy sea spray

              onto the fuzzy feathers of penguins,

In the north- she is bitter and cold,

          frozen in glaciers of ice

              with only the heat of the polar bear’s step

          to warm her chilled soul,

south is where she runs free

          merrily swirling around bubble-tip anemone

              as whispers of pterios and eel wander

                   through the churning expanse,


          the furthest depths are quiet blackness,

              her refuge

 her prison,

          the glowing monsters that pop and crack like firecrackers

          appear and all too quickly fade

                   hidden in the abyss is life

                        she has never even seen

              yet the sun captivates her

                             as much as the night

and ascending like a tsunami

          she crashes upon the sandy shore

                   letting beads and bubbles evaporate

     into the clouds

              until they are silvered saturated nebulas

          that volley back into the earth

                   giving life to the rising sea of trees

                        as the fire-filled sun dances upon them.

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