Chainsaw Man by Tatsuki Fujimoto

“Maybe I became a devil hunter for a really shallow reason, but I’m willing to die to keep living like this.”

Denji in Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is one of those manga series I have been intending to pick up for awhile now. It was recommended by two of my best manga friends and my husband. Repeatedly. Often. All the time basically. (Don’t worry guys, it was worth it so I don’t mind). 

Denji is willing to do whatever it takes to live a good life. Which for him is really simple. Eat good food. Hug a girl. He hunts devils with Pochita, a devil-dog pet who can turn into a chainsaw.

One day, Denji’s life is turned upside down when his life is in danger and the only way he can continue living is by becoming one with Pochita, taking his chainsaw power into him. He becomes the Chainsaw Man and is recruited to help fight devils by the Public Safety Devil Hunters. He’s recruited by Makima, a beautiful woman Denji immediately crushes on and is paired up with Power, the Blood Fiend and Aki, a powerful Devil Hunter.

What emerges is a really cool story with a theme of friendship. I love the relationship that forms between Denji, Aki and Power and the other characters. The pacing of this manga is awesome. It’s funny, action-packed and often full of drama and some intense emotional scenes that I definitely was not expecting.

“I’ve had enough of watching people die in front of my eyes.”

Aki in Chainsaw Man

I finished the first major arc, and now have started the second arc. I am excited to see where the story goes next as more chapters are released. 

This is such a fun, exciting series, and I am really looking forward to more! I highly recommend it. I haven’t tried the anime yet, but I’ve heard that it’s a really great show and is doing an awesome job adapting the manga. I love this series so much. It’s definitely worth checking out. The Shonen Jump app has all the completed chapters available, and it’s really easy to binge read it. It’s hard to stop reading, honestly. When’s the next chapter coming out??

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