Let Art Inspire Your Writing, Part 3

I am finding these posts so inspirational for myself, and I want to keep sharing them in case more people enjoy them. That being said, I don’t think a week is enough time for me to always turn around a story in response to this type of post. So instead of placing more rules on myself, I’m going to post those stories as I feel they’re ready because I’d like to be really proud of the fiction I share to this blog. I also may choose not to share a story and submit it for publication instead, but that’s the whole point! I am working on a flash fiction piece for the deer artwork in my last ‘Let Art Inspire Your Writing’ post, and I’m really enjoying working on it. It’s also the first flash fiction piece that I feel like has a beginning/middle/end and is effective. But again, I could be wrong. Writing is all about learning, and I’m going to keep practicing and keep learning.

I want to keep sharing these inspiration posts because they have created two new stories I never would have created otherwise. So I hope some of you come across these and feel inspired to write. Even if you haven’t written in awhile, take a moment to look at the images in the blog posts titled ‘Let Art Inspire Your Writing’ and try to write something. Even if you never share it with anyone else, trying is what matters.

And I also had a new idea for this weeks that I wanted to share. In this post, I’m sharing four images. I chose images that made me feel like they could be linked and had similar vibes. I encourage you to try and write a story featuring all of these images in some way. I am going to try it also, and while I may not have a story immediately ready to share next week, maybe I can share my thought process on what I wrote instead.

I hope you keep writing and enjoying the words you’ve created. I’m always happy to read other writer’s work and offer honest feedback, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me through my contact form. I promise I will respond in a few days!

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  1. “Writing is all about learning, and I’m going to keep practicing and keep learning.”—I think we are in the same place in our writing journey. These images are wonderfully evocative, but alas I have too many ideas already in the works. I’m making note though to come back if I need inspiration.


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