The Magician’s Daughter by H.G. Parry

“It was cold, as Rowan had warned her. Even in her thickest jumper and duffle coat, she shivered as the currach pulled away from the cove where it was docked. But she barely noticed. Mist was coming off the sea; the sunrise colored it faint gold and orange, as though they were swimming through fiery haze. Behind them, their castle loomed high on the cliffs. The hill was dotted with black rabbits- some nibbling the grass, some poised snd alert to the cry of seagulls overhead, some scampering for sheer joy of movement through the grass. The thought that she wouldn’t see them again tomorrow, or the day after, or the day after that, tightened her throat. She tried to swallow it down.”‘

-The Magician’s Daughter by H.G. Parry

This book is a marvel. The Magician’s Daughter felt like a cozy fantasy to me, but one in which the characters were striving to change the world. It was so magical and beautiful, and it had the absolute best Howl’s Moving Castle vibes. I loved the world-building and the lore. Reading this felt like stepping into a world and realm of magic that was very hard to leave when i finished. 

Biddy has lived on the secluded island of Hy-Brasil her entire life. She lives with Rowan, a great mage, and his companion rabbit, Hutch. Biddy loves her life and always has. She has found a family with Rowan and Hutch after she washed up on the shores of the island as a baby. But Biddy can’t help but wonder what life off the island is like. The island of Hy-Brasil is protected by magic, only seen once every seven years. 

Rowan was once part of a Council of mages, but magic has started to fade from the world, and he has taken it upon himself to keep finding magic and spread it where it’s really needed. But one night Rowan leaves Hy-Brasil and is put in grave danger. For the first time in her life, Biddy has the chance to leave the island and see the world she has only ever read about in books. She is excited and afraid, but she is incredibly brave. 

This story reads like a modern, magical fairy tale with layers of mystery and a story full of love, friendship and family. I loved the bits of this book that reminded me of other stories I’ve read and loved, but I also adored all the wonderfully new bits that reminded me of all the possibilites that can exist in the world. The world is magic, even if it’s within the pages of the books we read. 

I am immensely grateful to have been able to read this book. Thanks to Orbit for sending me a copy. The Magician’s Daughter releases on 2/28/2023. It is not one you want to miss!

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