The Fall of Koli by M.R. Carey

“I think you’re halfway right,” I said, a lot quieter than he had been talking. “That’s how it used to be. But I don’t think it’s that way any more.” Jon got ready to break in, but I held my finger up to stop him. “Humankind was masters of the whole world once, wasn’t they? That’s what the database says. We was masters of trees, masters of tech, masters of birds and beasts and earth and sky and everything.

And look what we did, Jon. Look what a dead-god-damned mess wee made of it. The world we got now is one we builded with our own hands, and as far as I can see it’s in a pretty sorry state. That’s what comes of thinking you’re the master, and the world’s just there to serve you. And when I look on Challenger I see one thing more on top of that. We thought we was so clever, we even give some of that cleverness to our tools. Give them wits to think with and voices to speak their thoughts. After we done all that, I don’t believe we get to turn around and say ‘oh, hey now I don’t believe I like your fucking language.’”

The Fall of Koli by M.R. Carey

Please note this ARC was gifted to me by a friend.

Well, here I am. At the end of the Rampart trilogy. At the end of one of the greatest trilogies I’ve read in ages. I’m an emotional mess, but it is the good kind. I am so glad to have picked up this series and read it all the way through. 

I’ll try to keep this review as spoiler free as possible so it’s going to be a pretty short review. But if you’re interested in this series, don’t hesitate to check out my review of book one

In the final installment, we see Koli, Ursala and Cup finally reach the originating source of the signal they have been following. Yet what they find isn’t the ruins of London. London is gone, buried under an ocean of water. What remains is a massive ship. On this ship are three people, and it doesn’t take this trio long to realize that they are prisoners on this ship and getting off of it may never be possible. 

Spinner, on the other hand, has become very powerful Mythen Rood. She’s temporarily taken up the mantle of Rampart Fire, but she also bears a few other Rampart titles which is essentially unheard of in this world. Spinner has to lead the people of Mythen Rood in a fight that will make or break them- a fight against the Peacemaker and the Half-Ax.

This book astounded me, as has the entire trilogy as a whole. I loved the direction this book took. It pretty much had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, it was so hard to put down, it shattered my heart over and over again. M.R. Carey writes amazing stories with incredible characters. Now that I’ve finished, I’ve been giving some thought to who my favorite character was, and I think it was Monono! I adored Monono. But Koli and Cup…and Ursala and Spinner were also so amazing, so it’s really hard to choose.

I think this series will appeal to a lot of readers. Though it gets dark at times, there are really amazing moments that reveal the strength, determination and courage of humans and how far they’re willing to go to not just live, but to live well.

It’s hard to review a third book without giving too much away, but I really adored this series. It’s really worth checking out!

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