The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren

“Romance isn’t gratuitous bodice ripping. It can be, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but in the end, romance isn’t about the fantasy of being wealthy or beautiful or even being tied to the bed.” More laughter, but I have their attention now. “It’s about elevating stories of joy above stories of pain. It is about seeing yourself as the main character in a very interesting—or maybe even quiet—life that is entirely yours to control.”

The True Love Experiment by Christina Lauren

I read Christina Lauren’s novel, The Soulmate Equation a few months ago, and I remember looking up at the time if there was going to be a novel written about Jess’ best friend Fizzy. At the time there wasn’t anything announced and I was a little bit bummed. 

But luckily, I am able to count on all my fellow romance readers because apparently everyone has begged the authors for this book. And I couldn’t be happier that this incredible writing duo wrote The True Love Experiment because it was soo perfect, and I am really glad Fizzy got her happily ever after because she deserved it so much!

Fizzy is a romance novelist. For the past few years, she’s been writing a ton and dating casually. But the last relationship she was in really messed with her because she found out the man she was dating was married, and this really made her wonder about if she would ever find romance. And wondering about her own romantic life has made it impossible for her to write. It’s been almost a year since she’s dated anyone or written anything, and she’s in a really tough place at the start of this book. 

Connor is a producer who makes nature documentaries. He could work for a larger studio, but it would mean moving further away from his daughter and he is a devoted father who wants to be as close to her as possible. While he and his ex-wife divorced when their daughter was only 2 years old, they’ve both managed to make themselves an important part of her life while also not arguing constantly. (Honestly the bits where he makes fun of his ex-wife’s new young boyfriend just because of his youth were comedy gold). His humor is all in good fun, and he’s genuinely happy for Natalia. 

But when the studio he works for forces him to produce a dating reality tv show to make them some money, he admits he’s out of his depth. Struggling to grasp an idea, he finally lands on one after meeting Fizzy. A reality tv show called The True Love Experiment where Fizzy will be cast as the lead and we get to see her fall in love with one of romances’ hero archetypes (though let’s be honest, the last part is her idea). But the twist is that the audience gets to vote on who stays and who goes. 

As they start collaborating on the show, Fizzy and Connor start to grow closer, and Fizzy wonders if she has to fall in love with a stranger on television, when a perfect man is right before her. 

This book was so much fun! Honestly such a blast to read and so goddamn cute! I’m at the point (and let’s face it, I’ve been there since I first started reading their books) where I will read any book by Christina Lauren I can get my hands on! I highly recommend their novels, they are writing some of my favorite contemporary romance to date!

Also, is it too soon to ask for a book about Natalia??

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