I've been pretty quiet the last few weeks with writing content on this blog (I got sick and then my son got sick, so I've been resting as much as possible). I wanted to take a quick moment to share a poem I've written. I would love to hear your thoughts! He slips down the... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompts, Part Two

Happy Monday again! Another week flew by, but I have to say while it had its ups and down, I definitely had an improved writing week. I definitely lost some time to write this month, but I made up for it the past few days. I started writing some poetry and managed to write five... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompts

Let’s face it. Writing is hard. Sometimes the act of writing is easy. We have an idea, a first sentence, a word, and we run with it. Other times writing feels impossible. Maybe it’s our mood. We had a bad day, and at the end of it, we’re not able to create. If you’re a... Continue Reading →

How I Fell Back in Love with Writing

November has rolled in, and I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). The last time I took part in NaNoWriMo was back in 2015 (yikes!). I wrote over 90,000 words of a fantasy novel in a single month, squeezing in writing time before and after work and sometimes even on my lunch... Continue Reading →

On Writing

                October has ended, and November has shaken her red and yellow leaves over my backyard. While it is slightly warmer today than usual, I look forward to the crisp autumn chill that settles in the air in November. The jack-o’-lanterns have collapsed, and Halloween candy has been consumed, but the magic of the holiday... Continue Reading →

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