I’ve been pretty quiet the last few weeks with writing content on this blog (I got sick and then my son got sick, so I’ve been resting as much as possible). I wanted to take a quick moment to share a poem I’ve written. I would love to hear your thoughts!

He slips down the rocky crags

     shielding his face against the onslaught of salty wind,

Morning dew clings to his skin like barnacles to a hull

           while the tumultuous sea

     ravages and splashes against the shore

                its lacy foam frothing along the dry sands,

He scrambles lower onto the rocks

     feeling for the part of him that belongs to the sea,

He cradles the warm silky pelt against his own freezing chest

     and slips it over his human body,

Memories of swimming beneath the deluge of water

     crest within his mind,

Glancing back toward the shore

     he says goodbye to the life he can never have,

The sight of her freckled cheeks damp with tears

 cannot keep him on land

so he slays the torrent within his heart as the sea calls him home,

He plunges into the cool navy abyss  

     as water envelops and swallows him,

Already forgotten is the girl who rushes after him

     and even as she shouts from the top of the sandstone cliff

           he cannot hear her,

     even as she slips and falls onto the rocks

           he cannot see her,

     even as she drowns beneath the waves

           he cannot save her,

     even as she is lost forever to the sea

           he does not remember.

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